Children from a community supported by QEP Resources, a oil producer and natural gas producer.

Making A Difference

QEP’s commitment to our communities goes beyond being a good neighbor. We work with our stakeholders to create partnerships that have a positive and meaningful impact – making our communities a better place in which to live and work.

QEP believes Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education is vital to our business and to our country’s ability to compete in the global economy. Since 2014, we have invested more than $3.3 million in STEM partnerships with school districts across our areas of operation. In the Shreveport area, we have partnered with the Desoto Parish school district to implement Project Lead The Way (PLTW) programs, which empower students to thrive through real-world, hands-on activities, projects, and problems. PLTW also provides professional development for teachers, as well as opportunities for our employees to mentor students. Continuing our commitment to STEM education, QEP awards an annual college scholarship to help an outstanding Louisiana high school student pursue a STEM degree. QEP also awards college scholarships to geology students at the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.

We are also committed to improving the health and safety of our local communities. Our partnerships with the local American Red Cross, American Heart Association and CHRISTUS Health provide disaster relief services, help prevent heart disease, and provide critical pediatric treatment for children throughout the region.

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An Exceptional Neighbor in Louisiana

Map of Louisiana, where QEP Resources has oil assets and natural gas assets.

QEP invests in our communities by focusing our contributions on key issues where we can make a significant impact. We partner with local school districts and national organizations to leverage our efforts and make a lasting difference.


Project Lead the Way

STEM students at DeSoto Parish schools participate in Project Lead the Way, sponsored by QEP Cares.

We partner with DeSoto Parish schools to implement Project Lead the Way, a K-12 education program that prepares students for STEM careers.

In 2014, we launched our corporate giving and volunteering program, QEP Cares, to align our contributions and volunteer efforts to have a greater impact. We contribute our time, talent and financial resources to improve communities in which we live and work. We engage employees in giving and volunteering for the causes that matter most to them and to QEP. We strive to inspire others to make a difference.

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