Natural landscape near QEP Resources environmentally friendly oil drilling.

QEP 2013 Earth Day Award

QEP’s 32-well pad in the Red Wash Lower Mesa Verde formation comprises a total of 14.8 acres for drilling and completion operations. After interim reclamation was completed, the pad was 8 acres of total disturbance. This design reduces the required surface disturbance from 1 acre per well to 1/4 acre per well.

The reduction in surface disturbance decreases the environmental impact of constructing a well pad suitable for operations. It also reduces the air impacts from heavy equipment associated with the construction of the well pad by decreasing the amount of time needed to construct the pads. Multi-well pads also reduce the visual impact by creating a single pad that will accommodate multiple wells, and enhance recovery of oil and gas.

QEP invested significant resources to plan and construct the Red Wash pad development program utilizing knowledge gained from multi-well pads in our Pinedale and Haynesville assets, greatly reducing surface disturbance to recover the oil and gas in the Red Wash Field. QEP will continue to be a leader in environmental awareness and stewardship by advancing completion technology, facility design and engineering techniques to reduce emissions and our surface footprint.

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