Natural landscape near QEP Resources environmentally friendly oil drilling.


QEP recognizes water is a valuable resource, so we are committed to conserving water throughout all areas of our operations.

The key to protecting groundwater is proper well design and construction. The oil and gas industry has developed detailed standards for well construction based on field experience and significant advances in drilling and construction techniques. QEP utilizes protective measures, such as multiple layers of steel casing and cement, to safeguard water resources as required by regulations. We invest significant engineering resources on well construction to ensure the casing and cement will protect aquifers. In addition, QEP voluntarily reports the contents of hydraulic fracturing fluids to the national online disclosure registry, FracFocus (

It is well documented – including a study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – that hydraulic fracturing poses little or no threat to underground sources of drinking water when a well is properly designed and constructed. In fact, after more than 1.2 million hydraulically fractured wells in the United States over the last 67 years, there have been no confirmed cases of groundwater contamination resulting from hydraulic fracturing. QEP will continue to safeguard water through responsible development of oil and natural gas resources. When feasible, we recycle flow-back and produced water, which reduces water consumption from surface and groundwater sources and produced water disposal volumes.

QEP and Water Recycling

QEP Resources oil company uses water recycling.

In 2018, approximately 50% of QEP’s water demand was met through the use of recycled produced water and the remaining came from a combination of surface and subsurface  sources.

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