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Q1 2017 Production

3,514.9 Mboe
12% 88%

YE 2016 Proved Reserves

160.7 MMboe
13% 87%
Oil and Natural Gas Liquids
Natural Gas Liquids
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The Pinedale Anticline is located in the northwest corner of Wyoming’s Green River Basin, an historic natural gas and natural gas liquids producing region. The Pinedale Anticline traps one of the largest accumulations of natural gas in the continental United States, but it wasn’t until the advent of vertical well multi-stage hydraulic fracturing in the late 1990s that allowed the trapped natural gas and associated liquids to be commercially produced.

The producing interval at Pinedale is approximately 6,000 feet thick with multiple stacked-sand bodies covering up to 20 acres each. The thick and unique gas-charged section means Pinedale contains more gas per square mile than almost any other gas field in the United States, making it one of the top producing gas fields in the country with a producing area of around only 150 square miles.

Our roots in Wyoming date back to the first commercial discovery of natural gas in 1922. Today, QEP Resources operates the northern one third of the Pinedale Anticline, and we are developing the field by drilling up to 50 directional wells from individual pads. This type of development helps reduce drilling, completion and operating costs as well as our impact on the environment. We continue to drive innovation in drilling and completion techniques, allowing the company to achieve industry-leading well costs and reduced drill times. We have additional holdings across the Green River Basin in multiple counties across the region.

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